When: Our Time Line

Weeks One and Two:  We meet with staff and selected Board members on as many days as necessary.  We then fine-tune the job description and candidate profile, and prepare any necessary advertisements for publication.  Within the first two weeks, we will also schedule a strategic planning meeting to finalize the specifics of the search.

Week Three
:  We assemble a list of culturally compatible organizations and specific people to target within each organization, and begin to contact select individuals.

Weeks Four and Five:  We telephone-screen specific people from
this target group and from our current database. We also respond
to candidate inquiries from the advertisements and arrange in-person interviews with all prospective candidates.

Weeks Six, Seven, and Eight:  We conduct in-person interviews with a minimum of three potential candidates per day.

Weeks Nine and Ten:  The President of The Search Counsel meets with two or three pre-screened potential candidates per day.

Week Ten:  Before the close of week ten, we are prepared to discuss three to five finalists with our clients.