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Client Testimonial:

“The Search Counsel made all the difference in our hiring a first-rate and seasoned fund raising professional.  Joanna Ghiggeri asked all the essential questions and introduced us to individuals whose expertise and backgrounds closely met our needs.  Joanna’s integrity, knowledge of the development field, and understanding of how to connect the “right” people with each other made the search process both productive and painless.”

-Stephanie Straffi, Director of Principal Gifts
Teachers College, Columbia University

Candidate Testimonial:

When I first met Joanna Ghiggeri in 1999, I was very impressed by her interest in what I was looking to do professionally.  The Search Counsel is about putting together the right relationships between clients and candidates, and I deeply appreciated her guidance and wisdom throughout the entire interview process.  It was a wonderfully supportive experience, and I still feel to this day that I could not have been in better hands.”

– Stephanie Straffi, former Director of Development
Bank Street College of Education

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